Why Entrepreneurship and Skydiving Are the Same Thing

Why Entrepreneurship and Skydiving Are the Same Thing


Skydiving and entrepreneurship may seem unrelated, but here I argue how they have 7 commonalities you may be overlooking.

As far as addressing why I think an entrepreneur should skydive more than once it’s pretty simple. Risk. Risking taking is an ongoing hurdle in every entrepreneur’s life. I don’t just mean the initial gamble of entering entrepreneurship, but as you continue on its journey, you will be confronted with a bombardment of decision making.

These decisions will not always have clear-cut answers. Often, it’s all up to you on how to handle a tough situation, one you never saw coming and have never navigated before. When you’re an entrepreneur, you have no alternative other than to trust your instinct and make risky determinations on a consistent basis.

You will continue to feel like you’re more of a professional sky-diver than a mere businessman as you continue on this entrepreneurial path. Trust me.

Here’s why.

1)You Must Learn To Face Your Fears

Fear is a huge reason why so many people don’t take the leap of faith into entrepreneurship. Yes, the unknown is scary, and yeah nothing is guaranteed in business but if we can reframe our mindset from being less afraid of the unknown and more afraid of never knowing we will begin to create a life of freedom, adventure, and independence.

In skydiving, you have no alternative other than to face your fear, free falling.

2) Entrepreneurs Must Trust Jumping Into Business Without a Parachute

Like I said, entrepreneurship depends on risk-taking. Skydiving is the ultimate thrill because of the inherent risk. When you’re in the plane and the door swings open you realize how unpredictable your fall will be. Yes, you have a parachute, but when it comes to business, there is no safety net. Your only choice is to put on a brave face, look over the edge and jump!

3) Forces You To Analyze Whether You’re Living Life to The Fullest Or Not

No one wants a life of mediocrity. We all crave leaving our mark on the world, creating lasting memories, and making meaningful connections. Whether we do, that through our business, impact, or through our example, we all want an outstanding life. When we look back at our lives in old age, we want to have zero regrets. We should all look back and smile knowing we did it right. Ask yourself, are you living life to it’s fullest or merely coasting by? Both skydiving and entrepreneurship make us feel excited about life. My advice, hop off that plane of mediocrity.

4) Building a Faithful Team

I can’t emphasize the importance of building a culture and team that believes in your mission. Finding the right people to take that leap of faith with makes the jump that much more worthwhile. When you can look to your left and right and shout in exhilaration, you know you’re on to some big things.

5) Sky Is The Limit / or Defying the odds

When you’re up 13,000 feet high with clouds surrounding you and adrenaline pumping through your veins, you have a moment where you realize how incredibly powerful the human race is. We’re smart, powerful, and capable of great feats. You recognize how two brothers created the first aircraft strictly through determination; you consider how meticulous skydiving instructors must be to navigate while free-falling, and how engineers design a parachute safety device to ensure a safe landing. So many people defied the odds long before you decided to skydive.

Often times, entrepreneurs go into business because they see another way that hasn’t been done before. Through willpower, faith, and drive you understand how all things are possible.

6) Getting Comfortable with The Uncomfortable

Free-falling is unlike any other feeling in the world. It is a rush that is indescribable. When you’re an entrepreneur, you will be forced to do things outside of your comfort zone and a similar feeling will occur. You won’t be comfortable in every room. You’ll have adrenaline when pitching to investors. You will be unsure how to land every deal. But you have to trust the process and get comfortable with the uncomfortable. All the growth, magic, and opportunity lies right outside your of comfort zone.

7) Have Fun

Celebrate your wins. It’s often we get bogged down with self-criticism, doubt, or failure but what about all the wins? Be sure to celebrate all the successes along the way. Remember why you got into this game. It was a choice. Always have fun, be present, and enjoy the ride.

Are you an entrepreneur that has skydived? I’d love to hear what other similarities you find from both experiences.

Snap me at hellogerard and tell me how you think they go hand in hand.


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