What Do True Leaders Do? Create More Leaders

What Do True Leaders Do? Create More Leaders


I’m thrilled to share with you that the pilot episode of my video series, LeadersCreateLeaders, is up and in action. I’ve worked tirelessly over the past few months assembling tons of incredible content with the express interest to support your transition into or journey through entrepreneurship. I truly believe that Millennials are the next wave of important creators, and that our generation is rife with incredible ideas that are going to lift society and our impact to the next level.

LeadersCreateLeaders was born from a very simple philosophy — Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.

In this series I go behind the scenes with some of the world’s most game-changing and groundbreaking artists, investors, leaders, and creators of all kinds. I’m offering up top notch advice and insider secrets around how exactly I took on the adventure of creating my own life beyond my wildest dreams, and how other inspiring people are doing the same.

If you’re interested in staying motivated, getting a blueprint for creating success on your terms, or learning more about what it really takes to be an entrepreneur, this series is for you. Check out the pilot below, share it with anyone and everyone, and subscribe to stay tuned for the first episodes coming at you soon.

Cheers to your success.

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