{VIDEO} Why You Should Be Aiming for Greatness

{VIDEO} Why You Should Be Aiming for Greatness


Lewis Howes is well-known for a lot of reasons, but most recently for having created a huge buzz simply by being himself and living with complete focus on creating a legacy of greatness. He’s the New York Times bestselling author of The School of Greatness, former professional football player, world record holding athlete, and elite entrepreneur who has built a conscious empire doing what he loves — supporting others.

In this week’s episode of the LeadersCreateLeaders video series, I spend the day with Lewis, hopping between meetings with influential and intriguing people, and also just chatting with him about what motivates him, what his journey has been like, and what’s really important.

One of the coolest takeaways? He’s all about visualization. The time between when he first had an idea to write a bestselling book and it actually happening was about 8 years, but the kicker is that he spent a lot of time visualizing exactly what that was going to be and feel like — and that’s exactly how it happened. The mind is a powerful thing.

Lewis is well-known for his insistence of being beyond mediocre — on being great. We might toss this word around casually in conversation, but truly, it’s meaning is far and beyond what is “good” in our day to day. Greatness means striving for more, and doing it in a way that is aligned with exactly who you are and what you’re really passionate about. Following your passion is nothing new for entrepreneurs, but it’s the approach you take that makes all the difference.


Lewis has gone on to build an academy and online courses that have supported many people in making financial freedom a reality while staying close to what’s meaningful to them. I’m pretty adamant about this philosophy too — success with fulfillment is actually failure.

In this video there are tons of inspiring tidbits, key takeaways, and awesome appearances by other leaders and creators, including a cameo by Gary V!

As always, this whole series is devoted to motivating and lifting you to your highest potential by showing you the reality of what it means to hustle for what you believe in, create a life on your own terms, and create success that is sustainable and authentic.

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