{VIDEO} What it Takes to Build an Empire in NYC

{VIDEO} What it Takes to Build an Empire in NYC


New York City. Everyone comes here with a dream, and they say if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. That’s because it’s one of the most challenging places in the world — not just in terms of building a career, but in terms of staying motivated, and getting up every day to pound the pavement.

It can be physically taxing, emotionally draining, and mentally combative. In a city of 8.5 million people, making your mark is an invitation into glory. If you can do it, you are essentially immortalized into a kind of hall of fame that most people wouldn’t dare try to get into — simply because, it will challenge you within an inch of your sanity. Building a brand here is no joke. It takes heroic character and legendary prowess to not just make it, but slay it.

It’s my pleasure this week to introduce you to Mr. Flawless, a good friend of mine and a legend in his own right. He’s got a super inspiring story. He grew up in the heart of the city, and actually dropped out of high school. It’s rare to meet someone who bailed on education that early and has crushed the game at the level he has, but he’s doing it and taking names. It’s a testament to what can be the tremendous value of self-education, and how creative minds always have to create a path for themselves.

He figured out early on that his creativity was his strength, but he was never quite sure what he wanted to do with it. Sound familiar?

Most of us have a hard time pinning down what our “purpose” is, but it tends to be the case that we find it in the most unlikely of cases. Mr. Flawless found his purpose in becoming a jeweler. And not just any jeweler, but one with a massive following, dedicated clientele, and viral internet presence.

These days you can find him hanging out with some of the biggest names in music, fashion, and art in the world. That’s a big leap from ditching out on high school. To top it all off, he’s created a life and an empire doing something unique, and something he truly loves.

This man is a huge inspiration, and for those of you who dream of one day building a brand in New York City, this is for you. However, the insider info and tips in this video apply to your life and business anywhere.

I hope it inspires you!

’Til next week,


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