{VIDEO} Turning Curiosity Into a Business…

{VIDEO} Turning Curiosity Into a Business…


In episode 15 of this season of LeadersCreateLeaders [don’t worry — more to come, and an exciting announcement], I sit down with Peter E. Raymond the CEO of a company called Human Condition. Basically, he is on the leading edge of tapping into genius to revolutionize the way we experience the world.

Through innovative technology, data, and science, Human Condition works to create all kinds of solutions for every industry imaginable. In other words, Peter is actually a genius for a living. A professional problem solver. A mad scientist. A game-changing and forward thinking innovator disrupting and accelerating the speed of our evolution.

He was profiled by Apple for developing the world’s first biometric for heart failure simulation — ultimately leading to solutions in the healthcare industry that are saving lives.

So, Peter is a superhuman, but he also has some incredible wisdom on what it means to show up for yourself, pursue your passions, and carry your crazy ideas all the way to the finish line — even when other people aren’t sure if they make sense.

“I’ve got a good process — so that’s basically what I wanted to do, form a company that could be a good operating system for social impact.”

He’s all about collaboration and co-creation. He’s one of those rare, and I think true, leaders who really believes and emphasizes that he is his own competition — that what motivates him to be better is not paying attention to what others are doing, but simply tapping into his own creativity, curiosity, and drive to have impact to find the inspiration to be better each day.

LeadersCreateLeaders was born on the premise that as you build and experience success, it’s important to pave the way for other young creators to do the same. We have to lift each other. No one got to where they are alone. Ever. It has never happened.

“Who is your competition? Anyone who won’t collaborate with us.”

Society and human beings are constantly evolving. This guy has tapped into solving some of the world’s biggest issues — and he’s made that his life’s calling.

You can literally do anything. If you’re passionate about it — there is a way for you to leverage it.

First and foremost — you are your only competition. More specifically — what you believe you’re capable of is your only competition. When we collaborate, we elevate that purpose and that vision into a level beyond what we could ever even dream of reaching ourselves.

The biggest takeaway here? Don’t ever dim your curiosity. It is the key to your empire.

I hope this video inspires you to take whatever you’re doing to the next level.

Look out for an upcoming super exciting announcement from me!



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