{VIDEO} The Power Couple is Making a Comeback…

{VIDEO} The Power Couple is Making a Comeback…


In this week’s LeadersCreateLeaders episode I hang with Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos — both powerhouses in their own right, but together they’re a dynamic duo that is bringing a whole new meaning to the term “power couple”.

They’re both very chill, very inspiring, and very much on a path to entrepreneurial greatness. It’s no surprise that they found each other and combined forces, but the best part is the life of complete freedom that they are co-creating.

Imagine having a bae that is completely on the same tip as you, collaborates with you on keeping your mindset on point, and is also building their own empire. That’s the dream right? Mutual motivation that comes with many extra benefits — including getting to makeout with your biggest inspiration.

We’re living in an era of the return of the Power Couple dynamic. With so many people rising up and paving their own path, it’s super important that we surround ourselves with each other, and this includes who we choose to be our other half.

It’s no secret that entrepreneurship can sometimes be lonely, because a lot of the work you’re doing — not just on your business, but also on yourself — is and has to be done alone. You’re a visionary. You’re a leader. Sometimes that means it’s just you and your hustle and a big dream.

But loop in an outrageously awesome boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/whatever — and you’ve got a recipe for success beyond all measure. It’s one thing to have a tribe of like-minded movers and shakers, but when you’ve got a lover who’s one hundred percent riding the same wave as you — you’re even more unstoppable than you are alone.

There are some myths around relationships being a huge distraction when you’re trying to build something. I think these two are a testament to how, actually, when it lands right — a relationship can be a catalyst for the kind of growth in one year that might have taken you ten.

That’s because you perpetually have someone to bounce ideas off of, vent to, and enjoy life with. I would venture to say it triples your happiness and potential for success.

These two are an off-the-chain example of what it means to combine forces.

Whether we’re talking about love or friendship or just mutual support — the point is that we can’t do it by ourselves. Community of any kind is so important.

Since meeting each other Alexi and Preston have figured out how to orchestrate their lives so they travel together, grind together, and adventure together. They both recently just wrote their first books. They both have thriving businesses and huge recognition. They’re crushing it, without question.

One of the biggest takeaways from this video is this: relationships are a training ground. Someone is going to witness your darkest parts, your hard days, all of you. And you’ll come out stronger because of it. The important thing is that you have an acceptance of who you are first, and then you’ll attract a partner who is prepared to love each part of you, unconditionally.

Whether you’re single or coupled — this is some food for thought.

I hope this video inspires you to get out there and love.

’Til next week,


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