{VIDEO} Rising to the Top and Doing It in Style…

{VIDEO} Rising to the Top and Doing It in Style…


This week’s episode of LeadersCreateLeaders is pretty near and dear to my heart, and features two incredibly badass people who have come together to redefine men’s tailor-made fashion for a generation of people who enjoy unique personal expression.

Meet Aleks Musika and Davidson Petit-Frere, the duo behindMusika Frere, a brand which is quickly rising to the top of the luxury industry, and doing it, obviously, in complete style.

Aleks left behind a role at Tom Ford to follow his dream after connecting with Davidson. They had both grown huge audiences on Instagram by showcasing their personal style. It’s no surprise that one thing led to another, and they started dreaming up a brand — and now they’re building it, growing it, and knocking it out of the park.

I’m an angel investor in Musika Frere, and when I met these two, it was a no-brainer. Their passion is obvious. Their focus is relentless. And they’ve got seriously sharp business acumen to back it up. I had the distinct pleasure of helping them launch their company, before they knew what would happen, and damn, am I inspired by what they’re doing.

The advice and insight in this video is priceless. Growing an Instagram following is one of the fastest and more easily-converted ways to launch something, anything, with visual appeal. These guys taught themselves how to take a huge audience and monetize it in a meaningful way, doing something they love.

Their pieces have already been spotted on influential people all over the world, causing some of them to sell out within a week.

Here’s the key: they’re not just selling clothes. They’re selling a lifestyle.

Branding is the brains behind getting anything into the hands of a lot of people. Regardless of your product, if you can create and tell a story that people are inspired by or aspire to — you’ve struck gold.

Talk about leaders creating leaders — these guys are not into trends, they’re into paving the path.

“We’ve been ripped off, and I think you’re successful once you see your ideas are being taken away.”

They say being copied is one of the highest forms of flattery, and it’s true. If you’re doing it right, other people are going to try to replicate it. But real leaders don’t follow the pack, they build their own.

“Our customer is the confident gentleman who wants to stand out and not fit in. We want to make clothing that is classic and timeless, but also eye-catching, and will cause someone to say ‘where’d you get that?’ We’re looking for a man who is confident but not too scared to step out on the edge and be bold.”

If you’re reading this, I’d vote you’re someone who’s not scared to step out on the edge and be bold. I hope you get tons of inspiration from these two, they’re killing it.

You can also check out more info on them and their collection here.

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