{VIDEO} How Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life…

{VIDEO} How Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life…


I made a short and sweet video for you this week about what it really means to have “problems”, overcome challenges, stay confident, and move forward. It is one hundred percent about perspective. In fact, most of life is. How you perceive what is happening in your world creates how you feel about it, and then how you feel in general. If you have a negative mindset, think that the world is working against you — well, that’s what you’re going to feel like constantly. Sometimes we create our own adversity simply with the way we look at life.

We’re not just powerful creators of insanely cool businesses and projects that are going to change that world, we’re also creating our own realities every day. If you want to feel good, stay motivated, and truly appreciate your success — it begins in your head.

We think we have challenges and struggles — but there are always people who would literally give their lives to experience one of our “bad days” in exchange for where they’re at. Got a roof over your head? Got someone who cares about your well-being in your life? Got an education? The things we take for granted are the things that many other people on this planet dream about. When you can have a larger perspective on your own experiences and just be grateful that you have this gift of a life to begin with — everything changes.

I mention a couple of things in this video that have helped me shift my perspective, stay grounded in gratitude, and keep my mindset positive — I can attribute my success to really paying attention to the way I think about things, and always working to become a better person.

It doesn’t matter what work you do in the world if you’re not also working on yourself. The energy you put out is what you’ll receive back — so if it’s lifted and excited, expect amazing things. If it’s not — well, no wonder you’re having a hard time staying focused.

I work really hard to stay committed to keeping my mind right. I think it’s a really important part of the equation when it comes to success. Not to sound like a broken record, but success isn’t about money.

If you’re not passionately connected to what you’re doing, leaving a positive impact, and also growing as a person along the way — essentially what you have is failure. Empty success is not success at all.

I hope this video serves you and gives you some insight into how to keep your life amazing and build that empire by keeping your perspective on point.

’Til next week!




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