{VIDEO} Getting Really Real in Silicon Valley…

{VIDEO} Getting Really Real in Silicon Valley…


This week’s LCL video is a deep dive into the startup mecca that is Silicon Valley, and I’m talking with some of the biggest millennial entrepreneurs and leaders. I chat with Adam Draper, Ryan Hoover, and Shaan Puri. If these names aren’t familiar to you, they will be, and after watching, I know you’ll be as blown away by the mark these guys are leaving as I am.

In the world of entrepreneurship, age has no bearing on success or your ability to get to where you want to go. You are only really limited by fear, distraction, and lack of action. Even failure plays a part in reaching and creating the success you want for yourself.

It’s stories like the ones of these guys that are a testament to the gift it is to be able to mentor other young creators as the Millennial Mentor. Truly, anything is possible for this generation. We are unstoppable, and if you have an idea, you can build it, grow it, and scale it.

So much of entrepreneurship is about mindset, and in Silicon Valley, it’s no different.

In fact, the entrepreneurial mindset in Silicon Valley might even be its own animal — it’s a hub for innovation and the next big thing, and those who are drawn to dive into the scene and see what they’re made of are not straddling any questions of whether they’ve got what it takes. There is definitely no feeding the fears when you get into the deeper waters.

In this episode we touch on mindset, what startup culture is really like, and the timeless topic of education. These are probably three of my favorite things to cover, because they are kind of like the cornerstones of shaping your future.

What you think, who you surround yourself, and the knowledge you have or are willing to obtain are essentially what make or break your path for you.

I hope you enjoy hearing from three of the greats, and that you get tons of value out of what they have to share.

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