{VIDEO} Follow Your Passion and the Money Will Follow

{VIDEO} Follow Your Passion and the Money Will Follow


This week’s episode of LeadersCreateLeaders is off the chain, and features powerhouse Satya Twena dropping knowledge on how to find and follow your passion. This topic is covered a lot in the entrepreneurial world, because if you don’t have passion, you’re not going to make it very far.

It takes time for many of us to figure out our “purpose” but an easy way to uncover it is to tap into what lights you up and makes you so motivated you can’t stop talking about it.

She poses an important question, that will give you a lot of answers:

“If you had unlimited money, what would you do? And what would it take to make it happen?”


The title of this episode is Making it in America, and that’s a pretty loaded idea. What does making it mean? What does making it mean to you? In one of the most aggressively ambitious, arguably forward-thinking countries in the world, how do you want to stand out, and what is the legacy you want to leave behind?

Satya came to New York City with nothing. No plan, no money, no idea how to even land an apartment (and for those of us that live here, that one alone can be a wild ride). Her story is a testament to the real talk truth that your craziest idea, your craziest passion, might be what leads you to success. In a world of a lot of people following the leader, if you want to be a leader, it might mean doing something really unconventional.

“When you’re forced to crack open, you’re actually able to see what’s inside, and what you desire.”

Satya owns and operates the only hat factory in New York City. And we’re talking cool ass hats, she is an artist without question. Many people would look at that and think — how is she going to make money? She was so white hot passionate about this art as her calling, that she made it happen. When you feel connected to and excited about what you’re doing, and give up the fear of needing to do something more “normal”, it can lead you unexpected places. Entrepreneurship is always a big adventure, and it’s one of the biggest tests of faith there is, and I’m so excited to share Satya dropping knowledge on paving your own path.

That’s what we do as entrepreneurs — we innovate. We challenge the status quo. We invent, create, question, and grind. We are a relentless species that won’t stop until we’ve left our mark, and have done it in exactly the way we know we’re meant to.

Satya found her passion in an unexpected way. She dabbled in it, wasn’t sure if it was for her, then life threw her a curveball, and she was left with one option: take an interest and run with it. Satya found out her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she knew it was time to start creating her life because she was witnessing how precious life is.

“Life has a funny way of showing you things that you’re not even open to”

Sometimes your greatest idea is the one you aren’t quite sure is great. But if you can commit to it, and trust yourself, it can lead you to greatness.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Satya. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do.

’Til next week,


PS: You can check out Satya here.

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