The day I lost $20,000,000  💸

The day I lost $20,000,000 💸


I wanted to share a story of when I made a decision to turn one of my own dreams into reality. 

I can honestly say that I have taken risks my entire life. It’s crazy to me because of course¬†all of the risk and sacrifice paid off but what most people don’t realize is that I had to overcome failing over and over again to accumulate¬†8 figure success.¬†

Question: What is the biggest risk you have taken in your life?

As you know, NO RISK – NO REWARD.

What I don’t understand is, how can you not believe in your dreams and just go for it. Why not go all-in on something you believe in. Why would you want to look back at your life when it’s all over and have any regrets of not taking a risk on pushing yourself to your greatest potential?!

Not me, I have bet on my dreams my whole life. 

Let me share a quick short story of one time when I had to take a huge risk. 

No it’s not the time when I was 18 years old and decided to take a risk on entrepreneurship by dropping out of college my last semester during finals. (If you want to hear that story reply back to me)

I want to share the time I was 25 years old and lost $20 million dollars I had in my stock account.

I’ll never forget that year. It was my best year and my worst year all in one.

Could you imagine… I had just became a self-made millionaire by 24, was able to buy my first Bentley GTC, had a penthouse with skyline views, bought my first Rolex Presidential, and the list went on. On my 25th birthday, I decided to take all of my childhood friends and family on the trip of a lifetime.



I bought them all plane tickets to Southbeach, Miami and took the top two floors in the Ganseevort Hotel. I rented a 148¬†ft yacht with the Name “Never Say Never(Google it lol) and I took everyone on it for the day with jet ski’s, catered sushi, and just an all out amazing day.

This is when I thought I had it all figured out. The sky was the limit.

and then the worst thing happened to me.

 All the money I had made was invested into the stock market. I was an avid investor in the markets and had an unbelievable track record with multiple million dollar profit trades. (To follow my stock investments and economy updates click here.) But, when the market crashed I was ALL-IN on one stock in particular and the $20 MILLION I was up all came crashing down. 

I lost almost all of it… everything. I remember having¬†to sell everything, including my Bentley which was what really hurt since that was such an awesome accomplishment I always dreamed of.¬†

In that moment of my life, I only had one choice and that was to dig deep and find something I was crazy passionate about to go all-in on again. This is all I ever knew how to do. I knew if I did it once, I can do it again. I can thank my mother for that which I talk about in this TEDx speech. 

This is when with nothing left in my apartment except three folding chairs and a fold out table ( When I said  I had to sell everything, I literally meant it! See Photo Below of my apartment).

I decided to take whatever I had left and go ALL-IN on a dream to build the best millennial news website in the world…
I came up with the name Elite Daily with my intern who I was mentoring and we bought it on godaddy for $9.99.

I’ll never forget taking this risk and putting whatever money I had left into this dream.

4 years later we brought this dream into reality and had 200 employees, 80 million unique visitors to our Elite Daily website, we raised $2 million from some of the top VC investors in the world, and had a profitable company growing like crazy. All leading up to being acquired by a billion dollar media giant.

Moral of the story is no matter what happens to you, never give up. As the yacht said, NEVER SAY NEVER. Anything is possible if you are crazy enough to BELIEVE in your dream. Especially when everything is stacked against you. It was for me and if I was able to do it, you can too.


Okay, I’ll have more personal stories another time but thanks for reading. Feel free to reply with your thoughts or questions.¬†

Now get ready for an absolutely AMAZING story of someone I mentored at 24 years old that also had a dream and didn’t know how he would be able to bring it into reality.¬†

He actually lost all of his savings which was a LOT of money, $100,000, and all of it wasted on a bad app developer. He almost had no choice but to shut down until the last minute when all of his years of learning how to sell got him in front of the one person who believed in his vision and invested. 

Tablelist now has over 150K users, raised millions of dollars, over $300 million in total transactions, currently in 9 different countries and still growing, all in just 3+ years! As Biggie once said, it was ALL A DREAM!

There were so many great takeaways from this episode but I’ll leave it to you to find out. Do me a favor and just comment on youtube or instagram about what you learned from this email and our latest episode.¬†

I personally write these to you. Everything I do is authentic compared to many others who¬†have copywriters and are just marketing to you… I am here to serve and bring you over a decade of entrepreneurial VALUE.

As always, thank you for being a part of my community. We’re in this journey together.¬†

Peace and love,

The Millennial Mentor‚ĄĘ

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