LA Life Lessons 🌴

LA Life Lessons 🌴


What´s popping G-Squad? It’s G!

It’s another Monday and I hope you are feeling pumped. For this week, I want to give you something to think about. I recently read this quote by Harvey Mackay that says:

“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can´t own it, but you can use it. You can´t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.”

So really make sure to spend your time wisely. Time is the biggest asset that we all have! I, myself just spent some time in LA and I want to share my experience with you guys. I was blessed enough to be sponsored by Harley Davidson and one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the world. I can´t tell you who it is, but you will know soon. I would have never thought, as a kid growing up, that I would one day be working with one of the biggest brands in the world. This really proves once again how important social currency is. You can only build those strong and authentic relationships, if you invest in a personal brand and create influence. Establish YOUR presence and provide value.

For all of you, who are not too sure on how to establish your personal brand, definitely check out the Social Currency Masterclass, which is currently in the making!

I also met some really cool influencers like @BradleyMartyn (2.5M Followers), who is one of the top fitness influencer in the world. I met @RachelC00k (1.2M Followers), who has an amazing story and who I will soon be shooting with. She also came by to kick it at our house and spread some really good vibes.

One thing I learned about the different coasts is that in LA I always feel like it’s a bit of a healthier lifestyle, where you can also have fun. It isn’t the same East Coast hustle. It has a different type of lifestyle that I think is a magnet right now for creatives and entrepreneurs.

I rented this beautiful home, where me & my team were able to work efficiently while still having fun. Talking about fun, I learned one of the things that was always one of the biggest fears in my life: A BACKFLIP.

I always wanted to learn how to do it, but I never felt like I was able to. So I challenged myself. I knew that the only thing that was stopping me was my mindset. There was this fear, which was holding me back, but there are always so many things in life that we fear: the fear that we will never be enough, the fear that we are not loved enough, the fear of the “what if” or uncertainty. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you are not in competition with anybody else. It’s your life. Stop living a script that everybody else things you should be doing or how you should be living your life.Live your life on YOUR TERMS.

Failed attempt at Backflip – pictured above.

I realized that all the things that you think you can’t do, you can’t do because you put a limit on yourself. The only limit is YOU. That’s the mindset I had going into this backflip and although I failed miserably so many times, I finally made it!

First successful Backflip! – pictured above.

In life you don’t really fail until you give up. Proceed as if success is inevitable and you can reach everything. It may not be easy – nobody ever said it’s easy. And sh*t, it has taken me 15 years and I still sacrifice daily and go through different fears. But at the end of the day, I couldn’t be happier that I live life on my terms and doing what I love every day. That’s what being an entrepreneur is all about. It’s not about the cars, the money or the fame – it’s about living life on your terms. It’s about the ability to take risk and create things that matter in your life. Things that are meaningful to you.

“In 2017 a wealth of happiness is the new rich.”

Since I got this video of me doing a backflip I thought “why not do something with purpose.” So I decided to do the#BackflipChallenge. (Please keep this between us until I drop the video on instagram)

I met a gentleman named Michael Smith, who is the founder of a new book coming out called “When to jump”. He wrote this book in honor of his friend who started the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that raised over $125M dollars. When his friend toured to promote the Ice Bucket Challenge, he actually drowned and died when he was around our age. It inspired Michael to finally take the jump and write this book about people from all over the world who made the jump and followed their dreams. He even got Sheryl Sandberg to write the foreword. When I met Michael, I was very inspired and I decided that we are going to start our own challenge, because there hasn’t been a challenge since 2014. This time it is going to be the backflip challenge. Challenge your mindset and convince yourself that you can do it. No matter if it is on a trampoline, on the ground or into a pool – you can do this backflip! 

This will be done in honor for mental health illness. It’s a sickness that 25% of the Americans are facing. Millions of Americans, both young and veterans are facing mental health illness. The problem is that we need to break the stigma. I would like everyone to the hashtags#BreakTheStigma and #BackflipChallenge. You can tag and challenge three people to do the backflip. Anybody who doesn’t do the backflip should donate whatever they can to a what is going to be on It will be for charity that supports mental health illness. The goal here is to really break the stigma. People are scared to talk about it. They are scared to get help, but this is a real illness. This isn’t something that you can control, but it is curable. We need to break the stigma that exists today and have people to help us tell the story.

This leads me to something else. I am currently on a new journey. I will be doing a new podcast with Logan Cohen, an entrepreneur that I have backed. She is a female rock star and CEO of an ed-tech company called KĂśDZOO. She is also on the latest Planet Of The Apps with Gary Vaynerchuck, Jessica Alba, Will I Am and Gwyenth Paltrow.

Logan and I have decided to start a podcast series calledPurpose Meets Profit. I am thinking about this as an experiment, as people have asked me to do more audio. So I have decided to add a Leaders Create Leaders audio version to the #LCL series and also this new podcast series. Stay tuned!

We live in a life, where it’s not about money. You can have a business, just as you can have a non-profit and it should be for a purpose. I am looking forward to be giving you guys more insights on it later in the week.

On another note, I will be dropping a video this week. I was on a podcast in LA with @Drama (1.4M Followers), who is the founder of Young & Reckless and will be on Season 3 of Leaders Create Leaders.

You might recognize him from the TV show Fantasy Factory. He challenged me to start vlogging. I honestly absolutely dislike vlogging, but as so many from you guys told me to do it and want to see a more authentic version of me, I will do this experiment and start vlogging.

On the set of Short Story Long Podcast with Chris Pfaff aka Drama – pictured above.

My first Vlog will be a little bit about LA and about me and Logan hanging out talking about the new podcast that we will be dropping soon.  

I hope you will all have a blessed week! Put in that hustle and sacrifice. Remember, I am here for you. This is one community, in which we support one another. I want you all to be a part of it as we are gearing up to launch our Fownders community at the end of this month. It will be a community, where you will be able to connect with each other, get all the education you need to learn new skills and strategies to take your ideas and bring them to life, as well as weekly mentorships with me and my team. You will also have access to masterminds, events and experiences where we will be traveling together to make social impact as one community – as FOWNDERS.

I am looking forward to this. We are all one community.

Peace and love,

“The Millennial Mentor” ™

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