Knowing When To Let Go🚶‚úĆ

Knowing When To Let Go🚶‚úĆ


Hey Fam, it¬īs G. Another¬†Monday, another Newsletter! Are you excited to crush the week? Good. Me too!¬†

For everyone who missed the HustleNY meet-up event, there is another great event this¬†Thursday, the 29th of June, at Fownders.¬†We are hosting another Startup Grind powered by Google, where we have Loren Brill, Founder and CEO of Sweet Loren’s coming to share her story beating cancer while disrupting¬†the healthy food space.¬†

If you want to learn how to get your products on the shelves of Whole Foods or other major distributors you should definitely come by. Furthermore, Lauren will share her insights on how to effectively build a brand and successfully launch a product.

Recently, I have been trying to keep a clear head. This weekend, I spent time with my family and I am living as healthy as I possibly can. Don’t let your schedule be an excuse to be unhealthy. Make time to workout during the day and chose healthy options over unhealthy ones.

Being surrounded by the people I love brought my attention to another topic, which has been affecting me lately.¬†People in your life will come and go. There are¬†various friends, relationships, business partners, mentors and people in my network. Some stay for a short time, some stick around for longer, and some might even be there forever. It is important to understand that some relationships will be of a temporary nature and it is even more important to not hold on to relationships, which are unhealthy for you. For me, just recently I had a toxic relationship that effected me. I could tell how it was starting to become a distraction to what’s important to me¬†and¬†effect my happiness. Getting caught up in distractions¬†like¬†this¬†did not let me focus on what¬†is¬†truly important to me: being happy af, leaving a legacy,¬†and becoming the best leader possible.¬†


If your circle of influence isn’t forcing you to level up than it’s time to make a change and create a new chapter in your life.¬†

When you realize¬†that the people you are surrounding yourself with are not aligning with your visions and lifestyle anymore, level up. There will never be ‚Äúthe right moment‚ÄĚ to make such a decision. It can be people in your circles, friends or even your significant other, who¬†no longer wants¬†to grow with you. Don‚Äôt let hate, jealousy or judge mental thoughts take up your mental real estate.¬†You deserve better!

Start understanding that you save time for yourself AND the other person by prioritizing. Time is the most important resource that you are able to allocate on a daily basis. Make sure to spend it wisely, because it is something you can never get back. Surround yourself with people, who are passionate, bring positive energy , bring value to your life, have a purpose,support your personal growth, strive for social impact, and want to be a part of a network. This is the sort of community, we are currently building withFownders!

On another note, I want to give a BIG shoutout to everybody who shared their ideas with me on the FaceTime calls this weekend! I love talking with you all face-to face, and actually spend some time beyond commenting and direct messaging on social media. I genuinely care about building real relationships and mentoring you to become the very best you, personally and professionally.

If you want to win the next #FacetimeGiveaway make sure to go to my Instagram account now and comment how this email affected you. I will choose the winners for the next FaceTime calls throughout the week and schedule the calls for the upcoming weekend every week!

On another note, I have been working intensively¬†on the launch of¬†, which¬†will be launched in July. I’m¬†STOKED! We are accumulating so much valuable knowledge and insights for the new¬†platform. The content we have in the¬†Fownders¬†Membership Platform will¬†show you how¬†to elevate your life and business to a profound new level of growth, fulfillment, and success. I am sharing personal life stories, which I have never shared before with you guys. From the technical side, I just brought in my CTO of Elite Daily to work with our tech team to ensure that we are delivering the best quality experience possible. This will be a way for you to join my community and take the first steps in becoming a Fownder!¬†Do you have what it takes to be a Fownder?

Becoming a¬†Fownder¬†means you are committed to becoming¬†the best version of yourself. That you’re ready to take your plans and put them into action. It means you’re ready to turn your¬†purpose¬†into a profit¬†while making a social impact.

Becoming a¬†Fownder¬†means you’re ready to take ownership over your destiny.¬†

Now is the time to manifest your legacy and be a part of a network that will challenge you to level up. 

If you’re interested in becoming part of our private 100 person beta launch please apply at¬†

Last, as always what are your pain points? How can I help you? Remember, now is the time to LEVEL UP but you can’t if you don’t engage with me as your mentor.¬†

I genuinely hope to see you guys as part of the first 100 people to become a Fownder. The team and I will also be live streaming weekly.¬†For more information click this button below…¬†


Remember, face your fears. Say to yourself…

I will succeed.

I will live out my dreams. 

I will not stop in the face of adversity.

I am a leader.


Peace and love,

“The Millennial Mentor”¬†‚ĄĘ

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