I Live For Uncertainty 🔥

I Live For Uncertainty 🔥


Happy Monday. You already know my attitude… new week, new goals, same mindset.

I feel the last two emails I wrote to you were really important so just in case you missed them I am turning them into posts that will go on my blog. 

Thank you for all of your replies opening up about your pain points. I’ve already responded to about 50 of you but still catching up. I am using any down time I have to reply back to you.¬†

Also, I am doing some Facetime’s this week while in LA for those of you that engage with me on email and comment on instagram about the newsletter.¬†

This week I want to write about getting comfortable with uncertainty.

This is something that I didn’t realize or even recognize as an important aspect to becoming successful.¬†

I believe some people are just born with the attitude that they are willing to dive into the unknown for anything they believe in regardless of how big the risk is. That was me growing up.

As a kid, it started with skating, turned into BMX, sky diving, going into the ocean late at night, then turned into hustling as a teenager. Anything I could do that brought adrenaline … I did it.

Fast forward to my twenties and now I had to figure out how to channel that into my ambition. 

What I learned is no matter what chapter of your life you are in, you need to accept that the only way to grow is by taking risks.

The more it may scare you, the more you have doubt, the more others try to talk you out of it, the more challenging it may seem… DO IT.

Even if the voice in your head may contemplate the “what if’s” you have to learn to follow your intuition and say fuck it!Don’t¬†live a life of regret, face your fear of the unknown and take¬†control of your destiny.

I want to tell you a story.

Sheesh, there are so many where I took a huge risk into uncertainty and it led me to the most amazing relationships, businesses, and adventures.

I guess one story would be the year I dropped out of college. I’ll never forget it. It was¬†my week of finals during my first semester at Caldwell University.

I felt college was just a big business, a scam, so I wanted to drop out and take a risk on building a business and self educate using the internet.

One of the hardest talks I’ve ever had with my parents was the day I told my Father I wasn’t going to take my finals and that I was dropping out.¬†¬†He basically told me, you’re on your own. Don’t ask me for anything and if you fail you will have the responsibility of getting yourself out of it. That kind of pressure was tough but I am so thankful he said that to me. It forced me to understand how important the impact this risk would have on my life and I was willing to do whatever it took.¬†

Luckily, early on I was able to find a mentor named Jon that helped guide me to learn how to build online communities, storytelling, and digital marketing. Over the next 4 years from age 20 to 24 I was able to build an online community while becoming one of the most sought after online marketers for small cap companies in the world. I will never forget during these years taking another HUGE risk into the unknown when I started investing into stocks and I decided to take a trip to Guanajuato, Mexico to visit a CEO named Robert Archer of a company called Great Panther Silver.

I invested every single penny I had saved up into this company and then used my marketing expertise to make a short documentary on the company. I went deep into their mines, then¬†their processing mill, and interviewed the executive team. I¬†marketed the company online and my investment went up 10x and I made millions. If I never took that risk dropping out of college I never would have learned all of this and even crazier I would have never became a self-made millionaire by time I was 24. This was all while my friends were all still at college trying to get their college degrees that they would never use and hold massive college debt! (but that’s for a future email and video!)

The moral of the story is, you only live ONCE. I know you have heard this before but I hope¬†it’s just one of you that you stop overthinking about what could go wrong and start thinking about all of the possibilities if you take a chance on yourself.¬†

If there is one characteristic¬†that you need to have in order to have a fulfilled¬†life of purpose, impact, and prosperity it’s¬†getting comfortable doing the things that scare you the most.¬†

This mindset will take you places and give you experiences you can only imagine.

Trust me because I lived it!

I am not saying that you won’t have losses or you won’t have disappointments, or that you even won’t get hurt. YOU WILL. But that is part of the process, part of your growth.

The question is … are you willing to not live a life of regret?¬†

So ask yourself this, what’s holding you back? or better yet … what do you have to lose?

I am releasing an instagram short film series while I am on my west coast trip and the first video was on the topic of uncertainty. Click here to Watch it.

Stay tuned for part 2 coming tomorrow on instagram.

For those wondering, I am out here in LA meeting with some amazing young leaders shooting for Season 3 of LCL, meeting some agents/agencies, going on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, and had an amazing private event to discuss a secret Fownders Venture project that I have been ideating since the sale of Elite Daily as a mobile video platform solution for premium content creators and consumers. #Culture

Stay tuned for my next update later this week. Until then connect with me on Instagram! 

As always, thank you for being a part of this community.¬†We’re in this journey together. Let me be your mirror for what’s inside of you.¬†

Remember, face your fears. Say to yourself… (repeat)

I will succeed.

I will live out my dreams. 

I will not stop in the face of adversity.

I am a leader.

Peace and love,

“The Millennial Mentor”¬†‚ĄĘ

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