Huge Surprise Coming Soon!

Huge Surprise Coming Soon!


(Newsletter Archive – Originally Sent out on 5/17/2017) 

What’s good! I know I missed getting out the Monday Motivation email but I was in a flow with the business, so my bad! 

I hope you had a killer start to the week. How are you feeling?

Last week, I asked you what your pain points were so that I could give you some guidance. 

I got a ton of responses but the two that stood out the most were that you felt stuck and others that felt like you were motivated to get to the next level but didn’t know exactly what steps to take.

Trust me, I can relate. Entrepreneurship is extremely tough and it’s definitely not for everyone. Going all-in on a dream means a ton of sacrifice and stress. 

The one thing you need to understand is 80% of it is mindset. You need to have a unbreakable mindset and realize everyday is a new day to grow and that means make mistakes.

You are not going to get it on the first try or second or even third. Entrepreneurship is about taking chances and learning from your mistakes consistently until you get the formula that works.

Once you have the unbreakable mindset then you are ready for the skills and tactics.

This is something that took me over 14 years to figure out as an entrepreneur. From being a solopreneur traveling the world while building my business to then learning how to build an organization with over 200 employees and getting it acquired by a billion dollar company.


It has been a long journey, I have hit rock bottom and have made countless mistakes, failure doesn’t scare me, giving up does. 

Thats why you always want to learn

It’s part of the journey. You always want to learn from people who not only have the track record to prove they’ve succeeded on their own (without selling you on something) but people who have also made the mistakes because it’s just as important to know what NOT to do.

This is why I want to be your mentor. It’s my purpose in life. Why else would I have been through more ups and downs any entrepreneur my age can have. 

I’ve made millions, lost millions, made millions again. More importantly, I have been able to mentor others to become millionaires and achieve success that was fulfilling to them because it aligned with their purpose.

If you are not aware, my new company FOWNDERS is a social enterprise providing progressive education through the principles of entrepreneurship. We provide our community members with the skills, strategies, and mentorshipneeded to align their purpose towards a prosperous career and lifestyle.

Over the past 12 weeks we have been implementing our accelerator program and worked with 15 entrepreneurs to help them understand their purpose andturn their ideas into real businesses.

I am stoked because the program just ended and all our entrepreneurs are now owners of their growing businesses and creating impact!

I just want to congratulate all of them – Taylor, Nait, Jabari, Tej, Robert, Jerome, Rebecca, Kaja, Kal, Godfrey,  Brian, Sam, Mike, Vanessa, Nicole.

Each and every day we started our morning with meditation, NLP, motivational speeches, fitness exercises, and mindset rituals. We then followed up by having an expert instructor teach a business workshop.

What’s different about Fownders is we take an unconventional approach to education focusing on not only business but also personal development. We strongly believe this is crucial if you truly want to be successful in life.

I have an exciting announcement coming really soon. My FOWNDERS team and I have been working on this secret project for the past 2 years and we are ready to bring it to you this summer!

In the meantime, let me know how I can bring value to you as your mentor. What are any obstacles that you are facing this week? What are your ideas? Anything at all … just hit reply.

I also will be speaking this Thursday at Propelify in Hoboken which last year had over 8,000 people. If you want to come I will be giving away some free tickets through instagram (@gerardadams) so keep an eye out. 

Talk soon! Kill it this week!! 

As always, thank you for being a part of this community. We’re in this journey together. Let me be your mirror for what’s inside of you. 

Remember, face your fears. Say to yourself… (repeat)

I will succeed.

I will live out my dreams. 

I will not stop in the face of adversity.

I am a leader.

Peace and love,

“The Millennial Mentor” 

P.S. If you would like to win a FaceTime with me, comment on my latest Instagram picture about this email. 

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