Leaders Create Leaders Experience

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 2/21/2020
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Our days will start early, right as the sun is rising with a guided mediation, Yoga session and/or Hike. 

Once we take care of the heart and mind we will go straight into business. This is not a motivational workshop, our coaches will make sure all sessions are highly instructional. Our goal is for you to learn the system so you can go change the world. 
We are confident that through this learning experience you will find a refreshing perspective on the outlook your personal brand. 
On Day 2, we’re going to take the exact strategy we use to build a profitable personal brand and show you how to implement it for yourself.

You’ll see our process for creating content, dialing in your messaging, using paid advertising to amplify your sales and reach, and building hyper-efficient systems that make your life a whole lot easier. 
Whatever your personal sticking point is, this is where we will help you smash through that so you can create massive momentum moving into the New Year.

We are purposely and consciously choosing a high-end and eco-friendly hotel as our first location in Los Angeles. Nestled at the base of the Hollywood Hills, with sweeping views from Downtown LA to Santa Monica, discover a nature-inspired retreat in the heart of West Hollywood.

You’re getting four live calls before the Experience so we can build momentum leading up to the event, and you’re getting two live calls afterwards to help you integrate everything we are going to show you.

Access to all content from mastermind, meeting recordings, and replays after the experience. 
Access to all of the marketing funnels, sales and operation systems, and automations we use.
All in-house documents we use for our content, personal brand, and business.
Access to our in-house team of professionals VIA private slack group channels.
Access to all content and in-house documents from other members that have agreed to share their internal resources.
And there will be plenty of reference material that becomes available along the way to help build your personal brand into an amazing source of impact and profit.
If you have any questions please feel free to email: press@gerardadams.com
The location is exciting, the energy is powerful and it has all the right elements to ensure we can focus and initiate the ‘Leaders Create Leaders Movement’ of each and everyone that will be joining us. 
This is the start of something very special! Each and every person that has signed up for this Experience has also taken the courage to put the future of your community in your hands. The world needs more leaders and messengers and our team is focused on getting you ready to serve your community. 

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