Breaking Bread

  • Los Angeles - Private Hollywood Hills Mansion
  • 3/11/2018
  • 1000
  • 6:30PM

Breaking Bread is a monthly exclusive dinner serieswhere culinary artistry, convo and cause collide. This month’s theme is ‘Concepts Unbound’. In a world that moves at a thousand miles per hour and is ever changing, so many of us are suffering from the inability to adapt while maintaining control of our inner equilibrium. ‘Concepts Unbound’ dares to ask, are you bound by your unchanging concepts? It’s time to reconceptualize the way you see yourself and the world around you.

Tony Robbins highly regards Dr. Donny Epstein as one of the constant, most transformative influences in his life and career. Using proven spinal analysis strategies and tools he’s traveled the world creating major and lasting change in his patients. Donny Epstein is a healer, energy shifter and leader in the realm of Network Spinal Analysis and chiropractic medicine.

As our guest, you will leave ‘Concepts Unbound’ equipped with new energetic resources, new perspectives and personal insights into the power of self-directed energy. With Dr. Epstein’s guidance, what has been bound can be liberated and that which is already unbound will be made more readily available to you.

Relax in the luxurious hills of Hollywood, California as you break bread with Chef Eliott ‘The Culinary Adventurer’, Dr. Donny Epstein and Gerard Adams ‘The Millennial Mentor’ as they bring you a specially curated night sure to shift perceptions and transform energetic realities. Join us for an epic evening of expertly prepared food, great vibes and great minds as we converse about what it takes to exist in today’s world, fully awake and alive – ‘Concepts Unbound’.

100% of proceeds will  empower the work of Future Fownders which aims to alleviate generational suffering of our inner-city youth. Future Fownders is a 501(c)(3) nonprofitwhich shifts, cultivates and inspires the next generation of leaders through entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and emotional intelligence by providing real world education for real world impact.

See Tony Robbins’ testimonial video about the POWER of Dr. Donny Epstein here!

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