Do You Want To Stay In Business Forever? Try This.

Do You Want To Stay In Business Forever? Try This.


What do modern-day companies like Apple, Tesla, Nike, Jordan, Charity Water, Google, Mindvalley and Pepsi all have in common?

They’ve built movements.

When you look back on history, it’s easy to see how movements weren’t built just to promote products or services…but to drive major social change and cultural impact.

Civil Rights, Women’s Right To Vote and LGBT are all activist movements that have been successful in making a significant change not only in culture but in political policies and federal laws. Movements = Change.

The Birth of a Movement

That’s why I’ve built my movement Leaders Create Leaders. I’ve never really shared this before but the idea for building this movement came to me at one of the lowest moments of my life…at a time where I actually felt depressed.

After selling my tech startup Elite Daily in 2015 for $50M, I lost my identity of who Gerard Adams was. I had millions of dollars wired to me and the accolades of being an entrepreneur…but I still wasn’t fulfilled.

I thought I “made” it. From the outside, it may have seemed that way but on the inside, there was a void that still needed to be filled. I remember being on a balcony in Florida where I was going to buy a penthouse with ocean views shortly after selling my company…

…but then it hit me.

There was more that I needed to do in this world. I felt called to do something more meaningful and significant. It wasn’t my time to check out just yet. In that moment I remembered a quote that said “Leaders create leaders, not followers” which reminded me of the work that still needed to be done.

The “Trend”

In 2015, I saw a trend which was that both generation Y and Z were becoming very hyper-focused on who had the most followers. Everyone was teaching people how to get more followers but no one was educating on how to create more leaders. I saw a major gap in the marketplace.

This was at a time where I felt like we needed leaders the most. I saw all of these so-called business “gurus” starting to sell courses and they’ve never even built a business themselves. A bunch of people just trying to make a “quick buck.”

I decided to make a stand against those who want to be business “gurus.” I wanted to show people what it really took to be a conscious leader while building a thriving business…at least I’ve done it twice before.

And through these testing times, Leaders Create Leaders was born.

Three Reasons To Consider Building Your Movement:

1. It’s The Best Form of Marketing 

Whether it’s to raise awareness about a social issue, business product or service — having other people talk about your idea or product when you’re not around is still the best form of marketing.

Have you ever heard of the term “raving fans”? This term was coined by Ken Blanchard who is the author of the book “Raving Fans.” A raving fan is a customer/client who is so overwhelmed and blown away by their experience working with you that they want to tell everyone about it.

These types of clients/customers will refer all of their friends, family and community to do business with you. Your company must aim to serve each client with the utmost respect, kindness and care so they can become your happy, loyal, and raving fans. Ask yourself, is each client/customer having a world-class experience?

Unfortunately, most companies are mainly focused on marketing and sales but fail to realize that by putting more attention on the customer experience, they’ll have higher customer retention and net promoter scores which impact the overall revenue of the business.

I’ve learned that loyal clients/customers basically become your marketing team. With a great referral system in place, there are no limits to where your business can scale. If you’re at a point where you’re ready to scale but don’t know how DM me “movement” on Insta and I can help you do that.

The truth of the matter is that we live in very different times. People rather buy products and services from people that have a mission and values that align with theirs. They don’t just want to buy things…they want to buy what your product/service stands for.

2. It Builds A Culture of Community 

As humans, one of our basic needs is feeling like we’re a part of a community. This gives us a sense of being a part of something that’s bigger than ourselves.

This is another reason why building your own movement is important. As your movement grows, you’ll organically begin building a community. This community will already have shared interests, one of them being your services or products. This is how you leverage social media for business.

Using social media to spark conversation around your products/services between your community matters. Doing this keeps your product/services at the top of the customer’s mind increasing the chances of them spreading the word about your business and buying from you over and over again.

One of the best ways to do this is by using a social application such as a Facebook group or Slack channel as a central place for your community to connect and interact with each other. What this does is creates a container for your community to have a conversation without you even having to be around.

By building this type of community, you can offer the people in your community free giveaways and special discounts for simply being loyal to your product/service. This will show your customers that you genuinely care about them which will result in them wanting to do more business with you.

Take this one step further and you can have the people in your community begin hosting meetups. This is where it gets fun. How amazing would it be knowing that your clients/customers meet up with each other in person or virtually using technology software like Zoom or Webex something creates community. Wow.

3. You Must Start Somewhere

It’s no surprise that movements create change. It’s powerful to have a thousand people who all support the same mission, values, and beliefs. But what if that number becomes 10,000…100,000…then 1,000,000. As your movement grows so does the amount of energy behind your vision.

But before you get to a million, you need to get your first 10 people. You have to start somewhere. Just like you needed your first 10 sales to make a profit, you’ll need your first 10 true happy loyal fans who want to be actively a part of your community.

A movement isn’t just about how big you are. It’s about how much you care about the ten people who’ve decided to be a part of your journey. Take care of those ten people because they’ll be the ones to tell their friends and family about you. And remember that you can always ask them to refer people to you or anyone they know who may be interested.

Thriving Movements

One of my favorite movements that I’ve seen have massive growth over the years was created by my clients Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty who are the founders of the Instagram page (, a platform for unapologetic ambitious women. They’re true boss babes and I’d recommend every woman follow them.

Another movement that I’m proud of is Mindvalley, the #1 personal development platform. I’m super excited to share that I’ll be interviewing the founder, Vishen Lakhiani, on my show Leaders Create Leaders for the first episode of season 6 which is all about building movements. Stay tuned.


Sometimes it takes a collective group of individuals to shift the culture and inspire people who are afraid to see the world from a new lens. Movements matter because they’re all about making lasting change. If you want to be pretty much recession-proof, then start building your movement today…you won’t regret it.

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