💪🙌 Monday Motivation – No Pain, No Gain 🔥 💯

💪🙌 Monday Motivation – No Pain, No Gain 🔥 💯


( Newsletter Archive | Originally Sent out to email subscribers on June 12, 2017 )

What´s good!? It´s your boy G. First and foremost, I want to wish you guys a happy Monday! I hope you had a great start to your week so far. It is extremely important to always come into a Monday with a clear mind, clear goals and a positive mindset to crush your week. 

I want to talk about something that I just posted about on Instagram that I discussed with latest my millennial apprentice Arian Ney. It’s about pain. It’s important to understand that there are basically two types of pain: the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. It is also important to understand that most people chose the pain of regret because it is the easier way. Pain of regret is the most painful form, as there is nothing you can do to make it disappear.

A good example is when I founded my last company, Elite Daily. It took a lot of patience working every day, building a team and not taking a salary for three and a half years. I had to stay disciplined in order to be healthy, strategic and resourceful. Being pressured on a daily, would have made it easy for me to quit – but I didn’t. 

I will never forget the day: I was exhausted after working throughout a whole entire night. Having a lack of sleep, I was drained, felt weak and lacked motivation. That exact day I hit my lowest point with Elite Daily. My partners offered to buy me out. I was thinking to myself“man, it would be nice to have those 7-figures”.

At this point I had to decide between the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. If I sold myself short that day, I knew that this would be the biggest regret of my life. Knowing that the “pain of discipline” was a temporary nature allowed me to stay strong and determined. I decided to keep on moving, keep on fighting and eventually keep on winning. By not selling short I was able to make 5 times the amount of money and impact by staying disciplined.  

You will have to make the choice between these forms of pain on a daily basis. Make the right one!

On another note, I recently opened up the doors to my millennial apprentice program. It is a program where I am mentoring one of you guys for a whole entire week. I will be sharing my network, experience and most importantly knowledge with you 1 on 1. My new millennial apprentice came all the way from Germany. His name is Arian Ney (@Arian_Ney on Instagram). Arian convinced me by sending me a self-made art piece and a hand-written letter a couple of months ago.

He flew out to me to New York to meet me. After going through my vetting process and seeing how committed he was, I decided to take him on as the next millennial apprentice. 

If you are interested in becoming the next millennial apprentice, e-mail me and I will let you know when spots are open. Be ready to do the most thrilling thing that you have ever done in your life and gain the knowledge and experience to level up your life, if you want to take part!


Being a mentor for somebody is always a humble experience as not only my mentee gets to learn, but also me. After learning a lot from each other, Arian and I decided to work intensively on the three pillars of life being business, health and love over the next three months. By steadily growing all three pillars, you will find a balance and true happiness in life.

You can not neglect any of the pillars, as they build the foundation for every decision you make. There will be more information on this on my social media and e-mail in the upcoming month. Stay tuned.

As this is a collaborative journey, I also want YOU to take part of it! 


One exercise I have for you right now is to make an Instagram post and tell me why you want to enhance your business, health and love pillars. Put the hashtag#PillarsOfLife in the description so I can find your posts and read through them. 


On another note, yesterday was an amazing day for me, as I co-hosted my second creative meet-up event calledHustleNY. Here are some pictures:

Bringing together a collection of like-minded people, who feel inspired, and want to make an impact truly makes me happy. These people are inspiring, work on cool projects and are outstanding entrepreneurs and creatives. Let me know what city I should bring this event to next!


Going on, I even got another dope update for you guys. Soon, there will be a membership community through my social enterprise Fownders, which you are maybe aware of, if you have been following my journey the past year.

Currently, we are in Beta but we will  be ready to launch our first version next month. We provide premium educational content, world-class mentors, live streams with our team of leaders, but most importantly, a likeminded community to network with. It will be a society that will allow you to connect, be inspired and share ideas. It will also help you to grow into an impactful fownder. If you haven’t signed up go to Fownders.comand click on “Become a Fownder”.

“Becoming a Fownder means that you take ownership of your business, health, and relationships.”


Last but not least, I want to congratulate Brian Friedman, who is the founder of Loopd. He was just recently able to get his company acquired, which I was blessed to have co-invested in with Marc Benioff, CEO of Sales Force and Tim Draper, who is a world renown VC. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing the people I work with succeed.


Now it’s time for you to succeed.

Take ownership, stay disciplined and work on all three pillars of life this week and lets be on this journey together.

Remember, face your fears. Say to yourself… (repeat)

I will succeed.

I will live out my dreams. 

I will not stop in the face of adversity.

I am a leader.

Peace and love,

“The Millennial Mentor” 

P.S. If you would like to win a FaceTime with me, comment on my latest Instagram picture about this email and hashtag #FacetimeFriday

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